Our Story

Our History


Ally Management, Inc. was founded with the goal to excel at ‘management’ on an on-going basis by providing services specifically and exclusively geared towards the efficiency of managing homeowner and community associations. For this reason, we have not involved our operation in ‘development’, ‘sales’, or ‘rental’ activities. To further reach our goal, we have delivered services to our clients with expertise, consistency and personal attention, while interacting extensively on their behalf with the various stakeholders involved in development, sales, and rental activities, as well as legal entities and mortgage companies to optimize results.

Our Mission and Philosophy to focus our efforts on maintaining a modest number of quality association accounts means that our clients receive more time and personal attention tailored toward and devoted to their management needs than is traditionally available from companies that spread their focus across competing activities. This philosophy and commitment to continued education in our field has allowed us to develop long and mutually beneficial management relationship.

Ally Management opened for business on November 11, 1990 out of the garage of Cynthia M. Bonner’s house. Cynthia ‘Cindy’ started Ally Management after working for seven years with one of the major association management firms on the Grand Strand. The company was originally named Ally Property Management but was later changed to Ally Management, Inc.

Cindy later brought her mother, Velna, and sister, Harriet, in as minority partners in the company. As the company grew, the office moved to its second location on 79th Avenue in Myrtle Beach, where at that time there were five office employees. Later, the Ally Management office was moved to a location on 48th Avenue in Myrtle Beach where the company continued to grow in staff and associations managed.

Ally Management began the 21st Century, by changing locations to its current location on Highway 17 in Myrtle Beach. At this same time, Ally changed its logo to the current pineapple welcoming logo which is still in use today.

Ally Management saw its major growth some time between 2003 and 2006, when the number of Associations and units managed more than tripled.