Site inspections updates should be performed at least every 3 years to verify that the components are aging as predicted and if not to adjust the repair schedule accordingly.
Specifications should be supplied to every contractor bidding a big project to ensure that all are bidding the same work. Without specifications, the board will be focusing on the cheapest bid instead of a quality outcome. There is an expression in the contracting business: "The profit is in the change orders." In other words, bidders will offer a low price to get the contract and then submit change orders/costs to actually get the work done right. Your manager is not qualified to provide specifications for large and/or complex projects. Independent consultants should be hired to provide the specifications and to do progress inspections on the work to ensure quality.
Yes or this function could be done by the Maintenance or Landscape Committee.
Your HOA Manager should make at least quarterly inspections or many as the board is willing to pay for. Each inspection should include building, landscape and rule violation review. Of course the board could appoint a Rules Committee, Maintenance Committee and Landscape Committee to provide the service and save the expense of the manager doing it. This makes a certain amount of sense because the committee members presumably live on site and could catch violations and problems sooner.
Many people with disabilities use a service animal in order to fully participate in everyday life. Dogs can be trained to perform many important tasks to assist people with disabilities, such as providing stability for a person who has difficulty walking, picking up items for a person who uses a wheelchair, preventing a child with autism from wandering away, or alerting a person who has hearing loss when someone is approaching from behind. Please click the link to download the FAQs from the American Disability Association. Frequently Asked Questions About Service Animals
A condominium may have a major leak in a roof that requires thousands of dollars to repair or a major mechanical system like a boiler may fail and need to be replaced.  When an unexpected event occurs the condominium trust may need to raise money quickly in order to fix the issue.  The association may not have the resources available or the necessary credit to have it fixed.  Unexpected events or poor planning do occur and sometimes the best way to generate the capital it is through a special assessment.
A special assessment is an amount of money that a condominium trust needs in order to pay for a project or outstanding debt that was not part of the annual budget/assessment.   The trustees of the condominium levy the special assessment against all unit owners and require them to pay their fraction interest of the money being requested.   The payment of the special assessment is divided by each unit owner’s interest in the common area.  The amount may be requested immediately from each unit owner or may be broken into installments depending on how the trustees have decided to handle it.
A condominium provides individual ownership of a unit with a fractional interest of the common areas.   In terms of maintenance and repairs, you would be responsible for repairing or updating anything that is within your unit and the condominium trust would responsible for updating and repairing the common areas.  Common areas may include landscaping, decks, roofs, mechanical systems, water, sewer, etc.   It’s important to obtain the condominium master deed, rules and regulations and the current financial statements for a condominium before purchasing it.  A good buyer’s agent should be able to obtain this information for you from the sellers.   In there you will helpful information as to what are considered to be the common areas that the association is responsible for maintaining.  Every association is different and it’s important to know what is covered by the association as a whole.  These common areas are typically covered by a monthly condominium fee.
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No Ally specializes in Association Management, and does not manage individual units or resort rentals.

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